Over $770 in FREE PPC Ad Credits!

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of PPC ads– Especially in the beginning stages of an e-commerce store or blog. You can test different sales copy and imagery with fast results.

Chances are, you will vary your target audiences and ad copy when testing. Consider varying your ad platforms, too. Since PPC ads are mostly sold on an auction-system, you may find some platforms give you a tremendously higher ROI than others.

Below I’ve compiled links to over $770 in free ad credits to help you get started. Some require some spending on your part, while others do not. Enjoy!

$120 Free Ad Credits to Perfect Audience
Perfect Audience allows you to re-target previous visitors with facebook and Google ads. I suggest signing up, installing their pixel on your website, then waiting until you’ve had some significant traffic before using your $120 credit, as they require you to use it all within 2 weeks.

$150 Google AdWords Credit
HINT: This link takes you to an offer for $75 credit when you spend $25. Sign up for AdWords, wait a bit, and they will start sending you offers for $150 with $150 spent!

$100 Bing Ads Credit
Same as google…Sign up, wait a bit, enjoy offers for bigger ad credits!

$100 Twitter Ad Credit

~$1,000 Facebook Ad Credit for Mobile App Startups
Register for FBStart and receive varying amounts of ad credits. I’ve heard of people getting $500, $1,000, and more!

$50 Ad Credit for Yahoo!
Enter code Yahooads

$50 free Amazon Ads Credit

$50 LookSmart Ad Credit
Use promo code 50LS

$50 Free LinkedIN Ad Credit

$100 free Apple AppStore Ad Credit