How to Build a Beautiful Website (Text)

  If you haven’t already, go ahead and open up WPEngine and click “See Our Plans” as shown below.  You can earn a 20% discount off of your first month using my affiliate link. Scroll down the page until you see the option to select the Personal Plan.  Click “Host My Website”. WPEngine costs less[…]

Why I Moved My Sites to WPEngine

WPEngine is the hosting provider of choice for serious bloggers and online marketers.  It comes as no surprise if you’ve ever experienced a discount/shared hosting solution like Bluehost, HostGator, or SiteGround.  If you are serious about your project, using a shared hosting solution is dooming yourself to fail.  What a nightmare. Enough about shared hosting.  I’m[…]

SiteGround as an Alternative Host

You’ve come to a fork in the road.  You’re asking yourself, “is WPEngine worth the price, or would cheaper hosting better suit my needs?” SiteGround is an excellent host if you cannot justify the investment for WPEngine.  If you can imagine three tiers of hosting companies, WPEngine would be top-tier.  SiteGround would be the best value[…]

How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes: Part 3

  Step Three: Get Yourself a .com Domain Name Or .net, .co, .org.  Your call.  Head on over to Namecheap for a domain.  You’ll see this page.  Put in your desired domain name and hit “Search”  You may have to try a few different variations due to availability. We tend to put a lot more[…]

How to Start a Blog in 10 Minutes: Part 2

*Please note: The video walkthrough for Step 2 can be found in the second half of the video for step 1. Step Two: Picking a Theme Open up and you should see a screen like this.  We call this cPanel.  This is where you will manage your themes, media, blog posts, pages, and more.  Pretty[…]

Earn Serious Cash for Inviting Friends to Blog with You

So you’ve recently launched your blog, and boy are you stoked– as you should be.  If you’re reading this post it’s probably because I said you can make serious cash inviting friends to blog with you. And it’s true.  For every friend you refer, you will earn $200.  Yes, two-hundred United States dollars, just for[…]

How an Innocent Blog Can Turn into a Money-Making Machine

I first started blogging in May of 2015.  It began so innocently with random answers on, a Yahoo! Answers for more… “refined” individuals.  Answers about hobbies of mine, answers about my failed start-up attempt, and answers about my experiences selling on eBay in middle school. You see, I was out-of-town for the summer completing[…]

How to Expertly Craft Your Personal Brand Through Online Presence

The digital age really has inspired an ‘ADD Culture’.  With so much stimuli in the world today, we have grown very conservative with our attention.  25 years ago, simply pushing out your message was enough to make a brand known.  There wasn’t nearly as much noise to break through.  Getting people’s attention was much easier,[…]