How to Build a Beautiful Website (Text)


If you haven’t already, go ahead and open up WPEngine and click “See Our Plans” as shown below.  You can earn a 20% discount off of your first month using my affiliate link.

20% Off WP Engine

WPE Home

Scroll down the page until you see the option to select the Personal Plan.  Click “Host My Website”.

Pick Plan

WPEngine costs less than a $1/day.  You may have heard of free hosting before.  However, when you opt for free hosting, the provider will place ads of their choice all over your site.  They also dictate what you can put on yours (typically have no ability to make your own money), they limit your visitors to a very low count, and they look very unprofessional.

So, we opt for the next-to-free hosting with WPEngine, and get the best security out there, the best 24/7 support, automatic updates, backups of everything you write just in case, etc.  Time is money, and WPEngine saves a lot of time.

If cost is still an issue, you can invite friends to join you and earn serious cash for your referrals, or you can take a look at the next best alternative, SiteGround.

Our next screen is going to allow us to set-up our account.  The screenshot below shows the top of the account set-up.  Fill out every field and hit continue at the bottom of the page.

Account SetUp

After continuing to the next page, you will see this information (I have cut just a snippet here to avoid showing my personal info).  It shares a link to your WPEngine hosting portal, login info, the current site URL, your WordPress Admin URL, and WordPress login info.  Scroll down.

Post Signup Info

When you scroll down you will see these options.  Click “Visit the User Portal”.

Continue to portal

You will now be prompted to log in to the portal with your e-mail and password.

WP Login

You may see a pop-up in front of the portal  Click “Don’t show me this again”.  Keep the portal open as its own tab and we will use it for the .com domain set-up.

Skip PopUp

If you open “” like I have, you should see something like this.  The site’s live!  Time to make it look nice then give it a domain name.

Site is live

Click here to proceed to Step 2: Adding a Theme

Or, skip to Step 3: Setting up a .com Domain