Earn Serious Cash for Inviting Friends to Blog with You

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So you’ve recently launched your blog, and boy are you stoked– as you should be.  If you’re reading this post it’s probably because I said you can make serious cash inviting friends to blog with you.

And it’s true.  For every friend you refer, you will earn $200.  Yes, two-hundred United States dollars, just for sharing the love.

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It’s called affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing.  Not only is it a great incentive to refer friends, it’s a great way to make money with your new blog.  I monetized my first blog with affiliate marketing 3 months in, made $30 in the first hour, $1,000 in the first couple weeks, and the rest is history.  More on that here.

Why does WPEngine pay you $200?  Your recommendation is more effective than most of the advertising they are capable of.  People who choose WPEngine tend to stick around, so the company makes it back and more.  Between the $29/month subscription and all the upsells people buy when their blog hits it big, it just makes sense to WPEngine from a marketing standpoint.

If you have already set up a blog for yourself, you’re eligible (because you need a .com URL to participate).  To learn more, just head on over to WPEngine’s Affiliate Page.

When you’re ready to get started, WPEngine will send you to a sign-up form.  This will also qualify you for access to their entire affiliate network, Share-a-Sale.  Once you’re in, you will be able to acquire your own, personalized referral link.

Best of all, you are welcome to share my resources with the friends you refer, like my simple how-to guides.  Just make sure those friends never click any links from blogtojob.com to WPEngine, and instead, they only click your WPEngine link.  You can also share your referral link on your blog.  Something along the lines of “Want your own blog?  It only takes 10 minutes and no technical expertise.”

While you’re on Share-a-Sale, be sure to check out all the other awesome stuff you can connect readers with on your blog.  They’ll be happy you introduced them, and you will make a commission.  It’s a win-win.