Why are People Mocked, Doubted, and Discouraged When They Set Big Goals?

Ever caught crabs?

No, not that kind! These:


If you catch one crab, you have to cover the top of the bucket or he will surely find a way to escape. Two crabs in the bucket and a cover is no longer needed.


If one tries to climb out, the other will always pull him down.

People are similar.  We are often made uncomfortable seeing others succeed, particularly at things we would like to succeed at as well. And sadly, this is especially true in regards to those who are close to us. It can take a lot of maturity to swallow your pride and genuinely hope for someone else’s success.

Something about seeing our friend’s and family’s hard work pay off makes us feel worse about ourselves, as if it has anything to do with us. Why hasn’t my big day come yet?  I’ve worked hard too.

For people that succeed whom we were not close to: well, they’re anomalies. “They got lucky”. “Statistical outliers”. Or they are just so ungodly talented at their craft.

We didn’t witness their hustle; the inevitable highs and lows.  So, it must be luck.

The path to success in any discipline is hard; it is jam-packed with ambiguity and uncertainty. You will rarely be 100% confident in your next significant step forward. Anyone who claims it was easy is just marketing themselves. It’s like a company saying “Our product sells itself.”

99% of people never achieve their dreams because they do not persist hard enough. They don’t push through the uncertainties, the misfortunes, the trenches.

1% persist no matter what. They get knocked down and they get back up again. Time and time again, until they don’t sweat anything anymore. They become unstoppable.

Those few, that 1%, will be more likely to tell you to pursue your goals at all costs.

99%, however, will mock, doubt, and discourage. Always. Because people are like crabs. Or in some cases, they just don’t want to see you down in the trenches. They’ve been there; and they wouldn’t wish that darkness on anyone.

Do it for yourself or don’t do it at all. Other people can only speak from their own perspective; only you know the right path forward.