SiteGround as an Alternative Host


You’ve come to a fork in the road.  You’re asking yourself, “is WPEngine worth the price, or would cheaper hosting better suit my needs?”

SiteGround is an excellent host if you cannot justify the investment for WPEngine.  If you can imagine three tiers of hosting companies, WPEngine would be top-tier.  SiteGround would be the best value in the mid-tier.  Free hosting would be bottom-tier (or, nearly useless for most purposes).

By opting for SiteGround over WPEngine you only give up a few key resources:

  1. Site speed.  Fast sites are perceived to be more reputable.  If you are in the business of selling anything, site speed is hugely important.  Speed also adds credibility when it comes to personal branding blogs.
  2. Security & Updates.  It’s not that sites hosted with SiteGround won’t be secure.  You’re just in much better hands security-wise with a host like WPEngine, especially when it comes to site backups (how would you like for a hacker to trash your site, leaving you to re-create everything?).  WPEngine also automatically handles all WordPress updates; a nice feature for those of us who aren’t so technical.
  3. Support.  Of the mid-tier hosts, SiteGround has the best support.  That being said, WPEngine support blows it out of the water.  Any technical challenge you face, a talented technician is right there with you.

I come from a finance background, so for me, these three points can be boiled down to one primary consideration: time is money.  Even if you only value your time at $10/hour, WPEngine support can easily save you 3 hours a month in solving technical issues, making it the obvious choice.  Plus, when you start doing really well with your blog, you’re going to really wish you had it.  You can still migrate it, but that can be a serious hassle.

That being said, SiteGround costs just $3.95/month and comes with a free domain.  That’s just $.13 a day.  So if you are okay with spending more time figuring out the technical stuff and don’t mind a few distractions from your main objectives, SiteGround just might be for you.

If so, check out my SiteGround video tutorial.  It’s super easy.